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Single-family house

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Virtual exhibition grounds by ALM with 7und7.

In an era where digital transformation is progressing rapidly, ALM with 7und7 presents a pioneering project: a virtual exhibition grounds integrated into the Dexart online platform, bridging the gap between virtual reality and physical experience. This ambitious project aims to create a unique digital experience enhanced by advanced technologies such as the digitization of real objects, AI avatars, and immersive animations.

Furthermore, by utilizing NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), an innovative financing model is established, emphasizing exclusivity and engagement. This project not only promises a revolution in the way exhibitions are experienced but also offers investors an attractive opportunity to be at the forefront of this digital transformation.

With a clear focus on technology, an experienced team, and a robust marketing strategy, ALM with 7und7 positions itself as the ideal partner for investors looking to invest in the future of the digital exhibition experience. The ultimate goal? The creation of a digital exhibition grounds that is unparalleled in its kind and has the potential to change the industry forever.

Leonid Mikhailov

Managing Director
Architect AKNW
Master of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Science at BU Wuppertal
Since 2011
Independent/freelance collaboration with various partners and clients
Master of Science at BU Wuppertal
Since 2018
Founding Architekturbüro A-LM

Aditya Harsh

BIM-Co-ordinator und 3d-Architecture Visualizer
Bachelor of Architecture, CCA India

Bachelor of Building Science, CCA India
Since 2019
Independent/freelance collaboration with various partners and clients
Bachelors of Architecture from CCA India
Since 2022
Working for Leonid Mikhailov Architect AKNW

Training position as a draftsman (m/f/d),
Focus on building construction
Architect (m/f/d)
Working students (m/f/d)


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